TunerFreeMCE Plugins

TunerFreeMCE Plugins

TunerFreeMCE has the ability to run content from a variety of different sources, but doesn't cover every site out there. Fortunately TunerFreeMCE allows developers to write simple plugins to bring other content in too. To install the plugins, go to the preferences and then pick the plugins tab. 

If you are interested in writing your own plugins, see here for instructions.

Current plugins:

  Plugin Description Author
4oDYouTube 4oD content from YouTube Martin Millmore
ABC Australia Catchup TV from ABC Australia Re-written by Tom Hollander
Aljazeera YouTube YouTube videos from Aljazeera Samir Rawashdeh
BBC Parliament Live Parliament feeds from the BBC  
British Pathe (General) Historic video clips from British Pathe Simon
British Pathe (Science) Historic Science from British Pathe Simon
British Pathe (Sports) Classic sporting events from British Pathe Simon
British Pathe (War) The World At War from British Pathe Simon
Channel Islands National Park Channel Islands National Park video from the U.S. National Park Service Max
Dave Dave: The home of witty comedy banter Martin Millmore
Jordanian Television Jordanian Television Samir Rawashdeh
NASA TV Live streaming from NASA and the ISS swarfega, ClarkF1 and liamcarbin
NASA JPL Podcast videos from NASA JPL Simon
News Live content from sky news and eurosports news Martin Millmore
NZTV New Zealand television from NZTV online Martin Millmore
RTE Catchup TV from RTE in Ireland Eddy Carroll
SBS Streaming television from SBS Australia Tom Hollander
STV Streaming television from STV Martin Millmore
TED The latest videos from TED Simon Willcock
TVCatchup TVCatchup brings you live streaming of over 30 UK TV channels Tom Parker
TWIT.TV TWIT.TV brings you the latest technology news Mike Houghton from
Yahoo! Movie Features Movie Features from Yahoo! Simon
Yahoo! Movie Trailers Top 25 Movie Trailers from Yahoo! Simon
Yellowstone National Park Live video from Yellowstone National Park Max