Comparison Between a Desktop Computer and a Laptop

The word computer was introduced in pre 20th century. Charles Babbage is considered as the father of computer which was discovered by him in 1837. While inventing the computer, Charles would have never imagined that his discovery will be turning into a history and will become the most important factor in the 20th century.

Technology started playing in the field of computer and a normal computer changed its form into a desktop computer, laptop and then a tab. Still, there are the majority of people who prefer to use a desktop computer even today. Other than the functionality and appearance, there are various other factors which distinguish a laptop from a desktop computer. In this article, we would discuss the difference between a desktop computer and a laptop.

Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is a personal computer which cannot be moved easily and are comparatively bigger in size. A desktop computer consists of a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and the brain of the computer that is the CPU. If anyone of the part is not present then it cannot be used. Therefore, each part of the desktop computer is very important. As the desktop computer is an earlier version of the computer sector, it costs less. The positive factor of the desktop computer is nothing but there is no risk of dropping and breakage and at the same time the drawback of the personal computer is nothing but you cannot carry somewhere like you can do with a laptop and it needs to be always connected to the socket. Desktop computer are mostly used in small office sectors, at houses where it is been used by small children, for accounting purpose in small shops, etc.


A laptop is nothing but a compact version of a desktop computer which is a portable one and easy to carry. A laptop does not carry different parts like keyboard, mouse, monitor and cpu just like a desktop computer, rather all are set in one. But sometimes for better convenience people connect mouse to click and drag the things. As laptop is a portable form of computer due to which it is expensive compared to a normal personal computer. Currently, most of the office workers and especially business organizations prefer a laptop for the use as it gives more compatibility and convenience. You can place anywhere while working on it. The drawback of a laptop is nothing but it need to be handled with care and cannot drop it as it would be damaged soon and can be theft easily. Due to its increasing demand, there are various best laptop brands which help you to select the right one for you. We have analyzed plenty of laptop brands and here is our roundup of the best laptop brands 2018 in detail.

Above discussed factors are the basic differences, positive points and the drawbacks of both computers. Other than this there are various other factors which distinguish each other. There are some social issues regarding a laptop and a personal computer. Here are some of them which are being discussed.

A laptop can be easily stolen

One of the negative factors of a personal computer is it cannot be moved easily, i.e, it is a non-portable device and at the same time, a laptop can be moved anywhere and even carried for a longer trip. But the same positive factor of the laptop sometimes changes into its cons. A laptop can be easily stolen by anyone as it is light weighted and can be handled easily. There are various best laptop brands who produce smaller sized laptop due to which it is light weighted. This makes people happier and they tend to carry with them. There are various cases registered on missing of laptop and also stolen cases.

Personal computer becomes safer for parents

There are most of the parents who tend to purchase a desktop computer for their kids and place them in a common room. Due to this, the parents can keep an eye on the kids and their works being done on the computer. But if you place the personal computer in their bedroom, then you cannot guide your children nor you can keep an eye on them. Placing the personal computer in their bedroom is just similar to giving them a laptop. It is recommended to parents that they don’t provide a laptop or place the desktop computer in the personal room of their children under 18 as there are various social issues is happening with the help of internet.…